Passion Explosion- Beverly Hills, CA March 12, 2023

Breathe new life into your life mission. Maybe you’re an artist, chef, or musician working on your next piece or working to have art be your full-time gig. Maybe you’re starting a new career. Perhaps you have an… Read More

Senseploration- Beverly Hills, CA March 11, 2023

SENSEPLORATION*: Saturday, March 11 | Doors open: 6pm | Doors close: 6:30pm – midnight | DTLA  When was the last time you fully indulged in sensations in your body? Which sense center is your main pleasure driver? What… Read More

Taking- Brooklyn, NY February 13th, 2023

Taking is the most difficult quadrant in the Wheel of Consent. If we master it, the other quadrants become easier to access and better to play in. Asking for what we want is the most vulnerable we can… Read More

Heavy Metal Tantra- Zoom, January 21st, 2023

Our first temple event of 2023! Join us for the ancient art of Heavy Metal Tantra. This is an online experience you can have alone at home (in the bathtub, in bed, in your kitchen?) or gather a… Read More

Bubbles!- CIIS, CA USA October 2022

This event is hosted by the California Institute of Integrative Studies. You exist in different types of energetic bubbles all the time. Sometimes they’re called containers. Sometimes they’re cubicles, classrooms, or Zoom boxes. Let’s bring awareness and agency… Read More

Kink Lab- Brooklyn, NY USA September 2022

This is a laboratory experience. You can be a professional, seasoned kinkster in the lifestyle for years or brand new and not know what you like. All are welcome here. We’ll set the space and connect, land, shake… Read More

Dark Descent to Presence VA, USA October 2022

September 30th – October 2nd 2022, Leesburg, VA: Three-night, two-day tantric workshop to reclaim the dark. Reclaim taking. Reclaim grounded, loving presence. We think we know the dark. We act or feel dark (through dress, music, and mood)… Read More


July 2nd– NY, NY 8 PM – 2 AM: We’ll be posting the full description on June 11th. If you want to enjoy the early bird pricing, you can buy a ticket totally blind… dive into the mystery… Read More

Elemental Kink: An Experiential Journey

Seattle August, 27th Tempt your senses and connect more deeply with the building blocks of our planet.Together we’ll move through each of the Five Elements to unlock their capacity for pleasure and sensation.Aaron and Aurora have co-created this… Read More

Passion Project NYC May, 2022

May 7th– NY, NY 8 PM – 2 AM: This temple experience was designed to breathe new life into your mission. Maybe you’re an artist, chef, or musician working on your next piece or working to have art… Read More