Heavy Metal Tantra- June 6 12:00 Eastern, Zoom

Heavy Metal Tantra is part energetic sex and part music appreciation. This practice was initially created by ISTA facilitator Javi Martinez and has morphed and grown in the last few years. We talk about energetic connections as being… Read More

voyage into presence brooklyn

Voyage Into Presence- 4/19 – 4/21 2024, Brooklyn, NY

Hello NYC! We’re thrilled to be bringing Voyage Into Presence to Brooklyn this April! We’ll be hosted by the amazing Youtopia Dreamspace. You may have attended some of our events here in the past. It’s cozy, intimate, has… Read More

Buddhi Dana Advanced Tantric Bodywork Training

Advanced Tantric Bodywork Training- April 10 – 16, 2024, Upstate, NY

This training combines practical tools, esoteric principles, and somatic wisdom teachings with the latest scientific research on polyvagal theory and nervous system research. Experience the transformative power of eros, love, and presence. At the heart of our program… Read More