Voyage Into Presence Miami 2024

Voyage Into Presence- 2/23 – 2/25 2024, Miami, FL

Unlock the transformative power of presence through our 3-day immersive experience designed to explore the energetic, physical, and psychological realms. Delve into your polarities, archetypes, power dynamics, and personal boundaries to deepen your connections with yourself and others…. Read More

Primal Transmutation- December 11th, 2023, Brooklyn

This is an advanced temple for seasoned seekers. We’ve forgotten so much. We’ve repressed so much. We’ve buried so much. The journey from primal to ego is long and draining. Together, we will return to the primal. Together… Read More

Shamanic Kink Introduction

Shamanic Kink Introduction- November 4&5, Online

Fundamentals of Conscious Kink/BDSM Play  Two-Part Online Series on November 4 & 5 Have you ever wondered why some people seek pain with their pleasure or get turned on by taboos? 86% of Americans have tried BDSM at… Read More

Buddhi Dana Advanced Tantric Bodywork Training

Advanced Tantric Bodywork Training- April 10 – 16, 2024, Upstate, NY

This training combines practical tools, esoteric principles, and somatic wisdom teachings with the latest scientific research on polyvagal theory and nervous system research. Experience the transformative power of eros, love, and presence. At the heart of our program… Read More

Voyage Into Presence- Amsterdam, December 1 – 3

Join us for an extraordinary and authentic 3-day experience in Amsterdam. We will dive deeply into the temple arts, explore the profound depths of presence, inner calm, and intimacy, and forge a deeper connection with ourselves and the… Read More

Heavy Metal Tantra- Brooklyn, NY September 18th

Join us for the ancient art of Heavy Metal Tantra. Originally created by Javi Martinez, Heavy Metal Tantra is a beautiful combination of music appreciation and energetic sex. You’ll connect to music in a new way, you’ll build… Read More

Taking- Brooklyn, NY August 28th

Taking is the most difficult quadrant in the Wheel of Consent. If we master it, the other quadrants become easier to access and better to play in. Asking for what we want is the most vulnerable we can… Read More

Bubbles, Cauldrons, & Dragons- Brooklyn, NY July 7th 2023

Summer sizzles in the churning, rolling boil of our community cauldron. The sun is out, the weather is hot, now is the time to shine! What is speaking on the wind? What magic is ready to show? Our… Read More

Kink Lab- Brooklyn, NY May 3rd 2023

We’ll set the space and connect, land, shake off the day, and share our mildest/wildest for the night. Then we’ll see who wants to explore serving vs being served. We’ll move from partner to partner with different engagement… Read More

Passion Explosion- Beverly Hills, CA March 12, 2023

Breathe new life into your life mission. Maybe you’re an artist, chef, or musician working on your next piece or working to have art be your full-time gig. Maybe you’re starting a new career. Perhaps you have an… Read More