Q: What can I bring?

A: Each event is different, so check the details for anything special you’ll need. It’s safe to say that each time you will want to bring a sarong or sheet, any altar items you like, tools/toys (anything from blindfolds to floggers that feel nice), safer sex supplies (lube, barriers, etc), and snacks are usually welcome.

Q: Can I invite friends?

A: Yes! The criteria for invites are that your friends have a strong “yes,” and a strong “no.” What that means is they are responsible for their experience, boundaries, and consent.

Q: Will there be a balance of genders?

A: No. We will never ask your gender because it doesn’t matter. Temple is for everyone.

Q: Who will be there?

A: We will never provide a list of who is coming. You’ll meet them when you arrive. If you have an issue with anyone at an event that can’t be resolved together please let us know.