Bubbles, Cauldrons, & Dragons- Brooklyn, NY July 7th 2023

Summer sizzles in the churning, rolling boil of our community cauldron. The sun is out, the weather is hot, now is the time to shine! What is speaking on the wind? What magic is ready to show?

Our community has grown and many are now ready to shine, to be seen, to be felt, to be tasted. Come be seen, felt, and heard.

In this gathering, we’ll practice and play with energetic bubbles. How we create boundaries, how we can interact and give ourselves to each other (and ultimately ourselves), and how we can dance and play with our energetic bodies in a fun, powerful, and deep way. You’ll be able to take what we practice home with you and use it in SO many exciting ways that can also function as protection from the world or undue attention.

Once we’re juiced up on the group energy, we’ll descend to the deep end of the cauldron. Dragon dive deep into the tastiest neighborhoods of flow, listening, and charge. If you’ve tried Latihan or Naughtyhan you’ve got the right idea… just add some more spice.

Bring a blindfold, a pure heart, openness, curiosity, and a willingness to fall in love with yourself, your capacity to feel, and the magic we hold for each other.

Things to know:

  • Location will be provided to ticket holders beforehand.
  • Sober event
  • Snacks are welcome!
  • 7:30 PM doors, 8 PM start. Goes late.
  • Tools are welcome (lube, floggers, vibrators, etc.)
  • All humans are welcome (requirements for entry are a strong “yes,” and “no.” Must be skilled in consent culture and can honor your own boundaries).
  • Dress comfortably (Sexy is great! Easy-to-remove layers are best).
  • Bring a sarong, towel, or something else to lay under you if naked.

Buy Tix Here or Send $55 via Venmo

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