Passion Explosion- Beverly Hills, CA March 12, 2023

Breathe new life into your life mission. Maybe you’re an artist, chef, or musician working on your next piece or working to have art be your full-time gig. Maybe you’re starting a new career. Perhaps you have an… Read More

Senseploration- Beverly Hills, CA March 11, 2023

SENSEPLORATION*: Saturday, March 11 | Doors open: 6pm | Doors close: 6:30pm – midnight | DTLA  When was the last time you fully indulged in sensations in your body? Which sense center is your main pleasure driver? What… Read More

Taking- Brooklyn, NY February 13th, 2023

Taking is the most difficult quadrant in the Wheel of Consent. If we master it, the other quadrants become easier to access and better to play in. Asking for what we want is the most vulnerable we can… Read More