Taking- Brooklyn, NY August 28th

Taking is the most difficult quadrant in the Wheel of Consent. If we master it, the other quadrants become easier to access and better to play in.

Asking for what we want is the most vulnerable we can be. There are lots of reasons we “can’t” or don’t take through making requests. Like any ability, vulnerability can get easier with practice. This is an opportunity to take in a safe place.

Often we find that this experience solidifies one or more boundaries. It’s an opportunity to feel those edges and practice saying, “No,” “Yes,” or “MORE!!!!!”. Many leave with inspiration for new ways they like to take and new ways they like to allow.

You may hit a pleasure ceiling. You may convince yourself you can’t or don’t want to feel more. That is something to notice; it’s probably connected to some experience or judgment/belief about yourself that you don’t need. All of this is medicine.

This is a guided experience that will start at 8:30 when the circle opens. We’ll have two practices and then have space for open flow. You will be supported and held throughout.

Doors open at 8 PM and will close at 8:30 PM.

Our agreements:

  • Confidentiality- What happens here stays here. Take the gems and share your learning without names or details.
  • Sobriety- You may drift into non-ordinary reality during but we ask you to arrive sober to ensure our “Yes,” and “no,” comes from sound mind and body.
  • Ahimsa- Do no harm to your self, others, or the space.
  • We will never share the guest list so please don’t ask.
  • We will never gender balance an event.
  • You’re welcome to invite a guest who has a strong “yes,” and “no.”

What to bring:

  • An open mind, willingness, honesty, and a creator mindset.
  • Comfortable clothes that are easy to remove should you choose to (often, clothing will be our unspoken boundary. We’ll ask participants not to remove other people’s clothes. If they have a part of their body covered, it’s a no for touch).
  • Altar items
  • Sense toys- hard, soft, squishy, shocking, etc. Let’s make a buffet of yumminess.
  • Snacks- Why not. 🙂


$55 via Venmo. There are limited tickets available so please purchase early.

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