Heavy Metal Tantra- June 6 12:00 Eastern, Zoom

Heavy Metal Tantra is part energetic sex and part music appreciation. This practice was initially created by ISTA facilitator Javi Martinez and has morphed and grown in the last few years.

We talk about energetic connections as being the safest form of… connection. Instead of connecting with another person, we’re connecting to the music.

You’ll find yourself mostly in the receptive space but there will be moments where you’ll move into a more penetrative energy. The music is your partner and you’ll experience the waves of sensation wash over you and through your ear holes 😉

We’ll meet on Zoom (link on the payment confirmation page) and we’ll breathe through a number of tracks. You’ll be guided in the method, the breathing patterns, the history of some music, and then you’ll move into your own experience with the music.

Some feedback from past participants:

WTF was that?!

I didn’t know my body could do that!

That was transendent!

I’ve never had an orgasm like that before!

What did you do to me?

The exchange is $45 for this 90 – 120 min session. Nobody will be turned away because of cost. Please reach out or Venmo a contribution to @bendistraw.

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