Primal Transmutation- December 11th, 2024, Brooklyn

This is an advanced temple for seasoned seekers.

We’ve forgotten so much. We’ve repressed so much. We’ve buried so much. The journey from primal to ego is long and draining.

Together, we will return to the primal. Together we’ll walk forward. Together we’ll transmute the blocks in our way.

You’ll be supported to design a custom ritual with a partner that will melt your hurdles and reclaim your purpose.

This temple includes elements of:

  • Moving in the unknown
  • Dom/Sub dynamics
  • Primal play
  • Non-language consent
  • Open exploration
  • Transformational catharsis

This experience is not for everyone. If you’ve been referred or are not someone we’re familiar with from previous temples, we may reach out to ask you about your experiences.

What to Bring

  • Loose/comfy clothes that are easy to remove.
  • A blindfold (if you have)
  • Snacks are welcome
  • Water bottle
  • Journal (Catch it while it’s fresh!)


All proceeds from this event will benefit Youtopia. We’ve been guests there for many experiences and they are expanding, upgrading, and growing. The suggested contribution is $55. Feel free to offer more so we can continue to fuel our collective temple.

Send PayPal or Zelle to dreamspace (at) youtopia (dot) co

Doors at 7 pm.

Start at 7:30 sharp!

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