Dark Descent to Presence VA, USA October 2022

September 30th – October 2nd 2022, Leesburg, VA:

Three-night, two-day tantric workshop to reclaim the dark. Reclaim taking. Reclaim grounded, loving presence. We think we know the dark. We act or feel dark (through dress, music, and mood) but we aren’t actually there. Dark is landed physical matter. Dark is primal. Dark is the particle in a sea of waves and electricity in a field of magnetism. Dark is here and now. It’s what is confronting you. It wants a hug… not more light. Not a bypass. Not a happy quote. It wants to be seen, felt, and appreciated for what it is… like a lover. We’ll meet and love the dark in the universe, on the earth, in each other, and in ourselves.

All are welcome, wherever you identify on the gender or relationship spectrums. You may want to attend this event if you are easily distracted. If you feel life pulls you in many directions at once. If you feel you acquiesce to requests you’d rather not. If you endure. If you don’t know what you want. If you worry your desire will keep others away. If you feel you spend more time in your head than in your body. If you envy the power in others you don’t think you have.What Will I Experience:
-This experience will guide you through rituals and embodied learning.
-This experience will bring you to the edge of your triggers to melt new-found fears.
-This experience will provide tools to find presence and grounding in any situation.
-This experience will tap into latent/nascent powers so they can be seen, heard, and felt.
-This experience will increase your capacity for pleasure.
-This experience will dismantle stories about why you don’t get what you want.


– Friday 7-11pm (doors open at 6pm): Are you afraid of the dark? Are you afraid of YOUR dark? Tonight, before we dive into open play, we’ll unpack what the dark is, why it’s worth paying attention to, and what it can teach us. We’ll use our insights to play with power and energy you’ve left untapped. They’ll come in handy and give you a leg up if you stay all weekend.

– Saturday 10am-11pm: Dive deep into a full day of music, bubbles, and project performance perfection! We’ll start with a surrender to our bodies as we’re whisked away into the realm of tantric music embodiment. Then we’ll take our energetic work to a new level and learn how the subtle realms can support power dynamics, passion discovery, and new insights into how we move in the world. Lastly, we’ll experience a powerful journey where we infuse our individual soul work, mission, or project with new levels of passion. You’ll be inspired by each other’s work and make new connections that can unlock all sorts of hidden and latent expressions

– Sunday 10am-11pm: With the energy we have left we’ll dive into grounding techniques using the same tools we’ve learned all weekend. This will still be valuable even if you only come Sunday. We’ll move into discovering and calling forth our Darketypes. What can they teach us and how will they interact with everyone else?- Lastly, we’ll experience a powerful journey where we infuse our individual soul work, mission, or project with passions sourced from our deep journey. We’ll harness the landed, solid intentions and use our new energetic mastery to reach new heights only the denser world can tame. You’ll be inspired by each other’s work and slither into new connections that could unlock all sorts of hidden and latent expressions.

Tickets are available for:
– All three days ($669)

Buy Tix Here

What to Bring:
-Loose-fitting clothes
-Clothes that make you feel sexy
-Optional: Favorite kink toys or oil/lube
-Meals will not be provided so either bring your own or plan to go out/order in.
-Accommodations are not included but can be purchased with your ticket.

Confidentiality, sobriety, ahimsa, openness, cleanliness

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