Kink Lab- Brooklyn, NY USA September 2022

This is a laboratory experience. You can be a professional, seasoned kinkster in the lifestyle for years or brand new and not know what you like. All are welcome here.

We’ll set the space and connect, land, shake off the day, and share our mildest/wildest for the night. Then we’ll see who wants to explore serving vs being served. We’ll move from partner to partner with different engagement prompts. Negotiate your boundaries then explore the full expression of what’s possible with this person.

What To Bring:

  • Sensation toys
  • An open mind
  • Clear boundaries
  • Safer sex supplies you prefer
  • Snacks to share!
  • Comfy clothes you can move in

When and Where:

This will be in Brooklyn, NY September 28th at 8pm. Doors close at 8:15 for our opening circle. We will have a closing circle at 10:30 pm and you’re welcome to stay longer.

Get Tickets Now:

You can buy a ticket here. If you want to attend but cannot afford this, please reach out directly to Aaron at Darkstartemple dot org. We want you there.

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